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I can’t see any request on home screen

Nothing is wrong. This simply means either of the following:

  • No request was made by users.
  • All previous requests had been handled.

Note: Don’t forget you can also seek to talk with someone. To do that, go to settings page and tap on Need Help

I want to help someone else by listening and providing solution to him/her.

Very simple, on the home page you will see list of request made by users. All you need do is to click on one of the request, respond accordingly, this will send a proposal to the person that made the request. If he/she accept your proposal a feedback will be sent back to inform you via notification. Click on it and start communicating.

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What is point used for?

You get points based on feedbacks gotten by the person who made a request. You can use this points to get digital contents from the app. This ability is coming soon.

Need Help?

This tab is for people that are facing tough situations, pain, dark moments and so on, and need someone to discuss with to ease their mind. If you belong to this category of people, all you need do is click on this tab, a dialog box will popup with a form, fill it appropriately and someone somewhere will send a proposal to communicate with you.

Note: Make sure you do not give your personal information(s) to anybody, if you do, it’s at owner’s risk.

Proposal Listing

This gives you list of proposals sent by different users for the request made by you. It gives information such as the medium the person who propose want to comunicate with. Just a single tap on any of the proposal indicates you are willing to talk with them.

Invite a Friend

You shouldn’t be the only one enjoying this, always learn to be your brother’s keeper. A tap on this tab will open a dialog with mediums to share the invite message with your friends and loved ones.

PS: When it comes to your indentity, we meant what we said that you will be kept anonymously. When you invite a friend, they will know the invite is coming from you, but will never have any of your information on the app, so when they finally create an account, they won't know who is who.


This allows you logout of the app. When next you try accessing the app you will have to login

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Video Content

We noticed that multimedia may go a long way in reducing depression. So we compiled some categories such as comedy, inspirational, spiritual and so on. Watching these videos will uplift depressive spirit.

Text Content

We stimely update you with informations on mental health issues, so as to keep you fit.